Rite Aid is one of the nation's largest pharmacy chains with over 4,800 Rite Aid store locations across the country. To find a Rite Aid location near you, including a 24 hour Rite Aid, use our store locator tool.

Use a PS Card for Discounts at Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rite Aid accepts the PS Card and allows you to use our discount pharmacy card to save money on prescriptions. PS Card can provide you with a prescription card that gives you discounts on over 14,000 different brand-name and generic drugs. Use our Search and Compare tool to see Rite Aid prices for PS Card members. Unlike big-box retailers, Rite Aid Pharmacy discounts many more drugs than just $4 generics and provides personal service. Although we are not affiliated with Rite Aid, PS Card recommends Rite Aid to our members.

Which Discount Plan Should Be Used at Rite Aid?

Since Rite Aid accepts a variety of pharmacy cards and pharmacy coupons, you have choices when it comes to picking a discount card to use.

  • Unlike some prescription discount cards, PS Cards are free.
  • PS Card may be combinable with some manufacturer coupons, and with some Rite Aid transfer coupons. Check your coupons for details and restrictions.
  • Not all programs are open to everyone who applies. The PS Card is available to everyone, regardless of income or age.
  • Not all prescription discount cards can be used at every pharmacy. Some prescription savings cards can only be used at specific chains. The PS Card can be used at most pharmacies in the country.