PS Card

Never pay retail for your prescriptions again!


Why should people who pay cash for their prescriptions pay so much more than people with insurance? It just didn't seem right.

That's why I started PS Card.

After 20 years as an economist and policy analyst in the managed healthcare industry, I knew there had to be a way to help people who have the most difficulty getting their critical medications. People who pay cash.

PS Card is a simple concept. PS Card is a discount prescription card that gives cash customers the same price break as big insurance companies. It works through a Pharmacy Benefit Management company -- known as a PBM in the industry.

Because PBMs are nationwide drug purchasers, they negotiate big price breaks -- just like a health plan does. And pharmacies want to work with PBMs because they want the business a large customer can deliver. The Pharmacy Benefit Management company we work with negotiates the very best prices at more than 56,000 pharmacies in just about every neighborhood in the U.S. and its territories. This includes big chain pharmacies and local independent pharmacies.

PS Card saves an average of 55% off generics, and as much as 20% on brand name drugs. That's on every FDA-approved drug, there is no limited formulary. You can also use our online Search and Compare tool to compare prices and find the cheapest local pharmacy for your prescription.

For putting cash-paying customers and pharmacies together, PS Card makes a small commission, literally a few pennies on each prescription.

Getting you the cash discount you need – for the medication you need to have. That's why I started PS Card. Print one for every member of your family today.

Jim Robbins
PS Card