With today's rising health care costs, cheap drug prices may seem impossible to find. As a physician, you care about your patients and want them to feel better. Sometimes, feeling better means they'll have to take one or more prescription medicines. If your patients have health insurance, there's usually no problem when you write that prescription. However, as all doctors know, a growing number of people are uninsured and have serious problems meeting their prescription drug expenses.

Some doctors get upset when they learn that their patients haven't been taking the drugs they were prescribed. What many physicians fail to realize is that for some people, taking their medicines or feeding their children is a choice they face every day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could do something to help your uninsured patients find cheap drug prices so they could feel their best?

The PS Card Provides Cheap Drug Prices for Everyone

Now, you have the option of recommending the PS Card to your uninsured patients. The PS Card is a prescription discount card that's accepted at thousands of pharmacies in the United States. Through our pre-negotiated cash volume discounts with the pharmacies in our network, card-holders can finally get medicines at cheap prices. In many cases, discounts off the cash price of brand-name and generic drugs are as high as 50 percent.

The PS Card is free and available to everyone. You can request as many as you like, then hand the cards out to your patients. You can also choose to refer your patients to this website, where they can print their own cards. With the PS Card, cheap drug prices aren't a fantasy any longer.