Cheap prescription medications don't have to be a pipe dream. You should never have to choose between buying your much-needed medicines or buying your groceries. Yet, that is the exact situation many uninsured people find themselves in every day. Even those with insurance can end up in this predicament if their insurance doesn't cover a particular drug they need.

It would be wonderful if everyone could afford prescription medicines without worry. Unfortunately, the drug companies have no incentive to sell their products at cheap prices. They know that people will have to find a way to pay for the drugs they sell. Also, pharmacies need to make a profit, so they often mark up drug prices to increase their revenues. This is why you'll find such wildly varying prices on prescription medications at different locations, even in the same neighborhood. However, the prices you'll find rarely qualify as cheap.

The PS Card Is Here for Cheap Prescription Medications

In the past, uninsured people had no choice but to swallow whatever cost pharmacies charged for prescription medications. Now, however, there is an alternative. The PS Card is available to help lower the high prescription drug costs patients all across the country face. The PS Card is accepted at most chain and local pharmacies across the nation, and offers discounts off the cash price on prescription drugs of as much as 50 percent. The card is free, and you can print one out right here at our web site.

Never pay full price for your drugs again. Get them on the cheap using the PS Card. To find out if your local pharmacy accepts the PS Card, please use our convenient search feature. If you have any questions, give us a call at our toll-free number.