As a physician, you can do more than you might think to help your patients get discount drug prices. It's frustrating when you know a certain medication will help a patient enjoy better health, but the patient can't afford it because she doesn't have health insurance. You may think there's nothing you can do other than to offer suggestions for less expensive--and less effective--alternatives.

Now, you have the option of telling your patients about the PS Card. The PS Card is a free card that offers significant discounts on the cash prices of virtually every drug that's been approved by the FDA. With over 56,000 pharmacies in the PS Card network, there's sure to be one or more near almost all of your patients. We'll even be happy to invite non-participating pharmacies to join us, at your request. You can order a supply of PS Cards to hand out to your patients in your office, or simply refer your patients to this website, where they can print out their own.

Discount Drug Prices for All of Your Patients

When your patients start using the PS Card to get discount drug prices, you'll likely see some important changes in your patients, such as:

  • Increased compliance with prescriptions thanks to discount drug prices
  • Reduced stress
  • A better outlook
  • Healthier bodies

The PS Card never expires, so it's always available for your patients to use. You can even tell your colleagues about it by using our automated e-mail invitation feature. Remember, discount drug prices can make a big difference in the lives of your patients.