You shouldn't shy away from using generic medications. These medicines are required by law to be equal in every way to their brand-name versions. This means that the active ingredients, dosages, potencies and methods of delivery must all be the same. Some people believe brand-name drugs are better, but this is simply not true. According to the FDA, "generic drugs...are just as safe and effective as their brand-name counterparts, and they are a cost effective way of achieving substantial savings."

For people who are uninsured, on budgets or simply looking to save some money, generic medications can be financial life-savers. When a drug company still holds a patent for a certain drug, it has a monopoly on the market as far as that drug is concerned. That company can charge whatever it wants for the medication, and people who need it will have to find a way to pay. Once a drug becomes generic, other companies can manufacture it, which increases competition and drives prices down. Check with your doctor or pharmacist regarding generic alternatives.

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No matter how low generic drug prices may be, you'll always find that prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Drug companies charge a basic price for their generic medications. Pharmacies, in turn, mark up these prices enough to earn a profit on them, and some pharmacies may mark up prices more than others. It pays to shop around before deciding where to purchase your prescription medications, even if you're buying generics.

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