If you've never opted to use generic prescription drugs, they are well worth your consideration. In most cases, generic prescription drugs are far less expensive than brand-name medicines. For seniors on Medicare, people without insurance and people with prescriptions that aren't covered by their insurance, buying generic drugs is a smart financial move.

You never need to worry about getting weak or unsafe medicine when you request generics from your local pharmacy. According to U.S. law, generic prescription drugs must be identical in every way to the original brand-name drug that they copy. If you'd like to try a generic medicine, simply request one from your pharmacist the next time you fill a prescription. Your doctor does not have to specifically indicate a generic on the prescription pad for you to get one.

Be Careful About Where You Buy Your Generic Prescription Drugs

Of course, you'll always want to buy your medicines from local pharmacies that you trust. Many people today are trying to save money on prescription drugs by getting them from foreign or Internet pharmacies. This can be dangerous, as these establishments are not regulated by the same laws as the pharmacies in the United States. It's not unheard-of to get counterfeit, altered or weakened medications from these places.

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