The generic Valium, diazepam, is used for treating a variety of anxiety issues, as well as hallucinations resulting from alcohol withdrawal. Other conditions often controlled with Valium include muscle spasms related to certain neurological diseases and seizures. A combination of generic Valium and other drugs may be required for treating recurring seizure activity.

For long-term use, even generic Valium can become a financial burden for those without insurance to cover prescription drugs. If you are one of the millions across the nation with no insurance, or with a high deductible to meet before receiving any benefits, we at PS Card can help. We have a prescription savings card that is different from other drug cards advertised. We do not charge an enrollment fee, and the card is valid for as long as you must pay cash for any of your medications.

Generic Valium Can Be Affordable Without Insurance

Another group that can benefit from using PS Card is Medicare recipients with a standard plan who are stuck in the donut hole. This is the time where Medicare Part D prescription coverage pays 75 percent of the cost of prescription drugs after a deductible, until a total of $2,250 is reached. From that point, the patient has to pay out-of-pocket costs to reach $5,100 before the policy will take over.

Using our PS Card for all uncovered generic Valium purchases can save you money while you are trying to reach your deductible threshold. Our prescription savings card is good for all FDA-approved medications, generic or brand name. With more than 56,000 cooperating pharmacies, it's probable that you can use a pharmacy in your neighborhood.