Many people debate generic vs brand name drugs in their minds when deciding what to go for at the pharmacy. On the one hand, generic drugs are much less expensive than brand name drugs. On the other hand, most brand name drugs are well-known and trusted. Using a generic may make some people uncomfortable, as they're not sure what they are really getting.

In the generic vs brand name drugs debate, one important thing should be remembered: U.S. law mandates that generic drugs be absolutely identical to the brand-name versions. This means the chemical composition of generics, their dosing strengths and their methods of delivery are all exactly the same as the brand name drugs. The only thing that's ever different is the price.

Consider Generic Vs Brand Name Drugs When Next You're At the Pharmacy

If your pharmacist asks you if you'd like to substitute in a generic drug on your next prescription, you should give it serious consideration, especially if you're uninsured. You might be surprised at the dramatic difference in price. If you decide to go with generics vs brand name drugs in the future, you should consider doing some comparison shopping among your local pharmacies. You might find the same generic available at an even cheaper price at another location.

No matter what you decide, you should always bring the PS Card with you when you go to pay for your prescriptions. The PS Card is available immediately, to help you save an average of 50 percent on virtually all medications. You can print out a PS Card for free right now, and start using it today.