You can find a list of generic drugs right here on this website, as part of our search and compare tools for each medication. As you may know, using generic drugs can save you significant amounts of money at the pharmacy. You may already be requesting generic versions of your regular prescription drugs. However, not every drug is available as a generic. In order for generics to become available, the patent on a brand-name drug has to expire. Having a handy list of generics that are currently available on the market can help you plan your budget around the prescriptions you need to buy.

Having a list of generic drugs is especially helpful for senior citizens who take a lot of different medications. Another thing that's helpful to seniors is having a way to save money on those prescriptions. Many seniors lose their health insurance when they retire. This leaves them with only two options: they can buy their own private health insurance policy (an expensive proposition), or they can use Medicare.

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While Medicare pays a hefty portion of the costs of prescription drugs, it does so only up to a cap of $2,500. After that, seniors must pay the next $1,500 on their own before Medicare starts picking up the tab again. This can be problematic for seniors on limited incomes. Fortunately, the PS Card is available to help.

With the PS Card, savings of 50 percent or more on prescription drugs are common. If a senior is buying generics, the savings can be even greater. The PS Card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies across the country, so print one out for the senior in your life today.