Low cost prescription drugs are readily available from online pharmacies. In fact, many U.S. citizens are turning to Internet pharmacies as a means of avoiding increasingly exorbitant prescription drug prices at their local drug stores. At first glance, Internet pharmacies may seem like a convenient bargain and a way to "beat the system" when it comes to getting your drugs at a low cost.

The reality of Internet pharmacies, however, quite different. In fact, you should seriously think twice before purchasing any medication from one of these establishments. Studies have shown that when you fill your prescription at an Internet pharmacy, you don't always get the medications you think you're getting. Many Internet pharmacies are disreputable, providing unwitting customers with counterfeit medications, placebos or medicines that have other ingredients added. When you buy from an Internet pharmacy, you may be putting yourself in danger.

Low Cost Medications Obtained Locally

The big problem with Internet pharmacies is that they're not subject to the normal rules and regulations that local pharmacies are. Plus, there's no reliable way to regulate their operations. These pharmacies operate in secret and are careful to cover their tracks when they do things that are unsavory.

You can still get low cost medications from trustworthy local pharmacies when you use the PS Card. The PS Card exists to save customers an average of 40 percent off retail prescription drug prices. It's accepted at more than 56,000 pharmacies nationwide, so you can always get the medicines you need from trusted local sources. Don't play games with your health just to save money. Use the PS Card instead.