It is quite common for a physician to order Vicodin for use as a pain killer. The properties of Vicodin result from a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, two distinctly different types of pain relief in one tablet. It is prescribed for control of acute pain such as post-surgical recovery, dental procedures, injuries and accidents. Since immediate relief is the reason for the prescription, it would not make sense to get the medication from an online store and wait for the delivery.

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  • We are not an insurance company.
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  • Nationwide pharmacies and many local pharmacies honor our PS Card.

Use PS Card to Order Vicodin

We at PS Card negotiate a discounted network price for prescription drugs with pharmacies across the United States and its territories. The discounts can reach as much as 50 percent off the price charged to someone without insurance, or whose insurance does not offer coverage for specific drugs. The savings can be dramatic.

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