When your doctor orders Xanax, he has ordered a prescription that must be taken exactly as prescribed. There are many things to know about Xanax before you begin taking the medication to avoid side effects that are potentially harmful or even life-threatening. For instance, Xanax can become habit-forming, and stopping the medication after prolonged use can lead to seizures or withdrawal symptoms.

Your local pharmacist is the best person to disclose the potential effects and side effects when your doctor orders Xanax. She knows the other medications you are taking, and can advise you about what you should expect from the Xanax. Since Xanax is most often prescribed for depression-related anxiety, anxiety disorders and panic disorders, you need someone to identify clearly the benefits and risks of long-term Xanax therapy.

Order Xanax from Your Local Pharmacy and Save Money

When it comes to getting the doctor's order filled, it may be tempting to turn to one of the online pharmacies to get cheaper drugs. Unfortunately, many of these sites on the Internet have been found to provide a product that is not totally what is ordered. There are cases where other drugs have been mixed in with the prescribed product, and the safety of use is questionable.

At PS Card, we do not sell Xanax, but we do offer a way to buy it at a reduced rate without chancing the Internet. You can take your order to your local pharmacy and use a PS Card at participating pharmacies for the best possible cash price. If you are without drug coverage, you can print out your PS Card today and pick up your prescription at a reduced cost.