Percocet prescriptions contain oxycodone, which is a narcotic analgesic prescribed for moderate to moderately severe pain. Prolonged use can cause a drug dependency. The potential side effects can be life threatening. During the use of Percocet, the patient should be closely monitored and have rapid access to pharmacists and physicians to answer any questions about the medication.

We at PS Card take the need for prescription drugs very seriously. We offer a remedy for those who are unable to pay full price for medications because:

  • We believe everyone should have access to needed pain relief.
  • Percocet prescriptions do not have to be unaffordable.
  • Those who pay cash for prescriptions should have the same options for discounts that are provided by many insurance carriers.
  • Every patient should be able to use a trusted pharmacy close to home.

Percocet Prescriptions at Lower Cost with PS Card

When you use our PS Card to fill your Percocet prescriptions, you get the full benefit of using your local pharmacist and a reduction in the cost. Your local pharmacist is the best one to keep up with the interactions with the various medications you take. The list is long for drug interactions with the ingredients in Percocet, and only your pharmacist or physician can determine its safety for you.

We have developed a user-friendly website for our cardholders to check on the availability of generic medications and to find a local pharmacy that accepts the PS Card. Do a search and compare to get the lowest prices in your neighborhood pharmacies, and then use our card for more affordable medications.