Prescription drug prices are getting out of control. Everyone knows prices for prescriptions have become unreasonable and unmanageable, but few people have any concrete idea of what to do about it. For years, politicians have circulated vague rhetoric, promising to fix the situation. Yet, prescription drug prices continue to climb.

These high drug prices have left many people in need of help to meet their prescription costs. This is especially true of those who are uninsured. However, even people with health insurance policies may have a hard time paying for their medicines. The rising costs of health care across the board have caused many employers to reduce employee health benefits, raise premiums or drop the coverage altogether.

Stop Rising Prescription Drug Prices in Their Tracks

When an employer makes the decision to reduce health insurance benefits for employees, one of the first things to go is often prescription drug coverage. Since employees are still getting assistance with the cost for their visits to the doctor, employers reason that the employees can cover the cost of their medicines themselves. However, even the most common, basic medications can be cost-prohibitive for people on tight budgets.

That's why the PS Card was invented. The PS Card exists solely to help uninsured or under-insured people pay for their medications. The PS Card is a discount card that can be used at thousands of chain and local pharmacies in every state and U.S. territory. Discounts obtainable with the card can often be 50 percent or more. You can print out a PS Card today and start using it the very next time you go to the pharmacy.