If you're curious about prescription drug pricing for any of your medications, you can always get the information you need right here at the PS Card website. Our price finder feature allows you to comparison shop at all of our local partner pharmacies. You can use the feature to get information on pricing that you can then use to help you decide where you're going to get your prescriptions filled. After all, even if you've been using a certain pharmacy for years, there may be a place with cheaper drug pricing right up the road.

If you'd rather talk to a live person regarding prescription drug pricing, we have a live call center available to assist you. In fact, we're the only discount prescription card that offers live assistance to its members. You can call us any day of the week with questions regarding the PS Card, pharmacies or prescription medication pricing.

Prescription Drug Pricing Is Just the Start

Here at the PS Card, we offer so much more than simply prescription drug pricing. We're becoming well-known and well-respected in the medical community. Doctors and pharmacists are referring the following groups of people to us in droves:

  • uninsured patients who need discount prescription drug pricing
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  • Patients with chronic conditions
  • Patients on Medicare

Medical professionals refer their patients to us because they know we can help them save money on their prescription medications. Thousands of pharmacies across the United States work with us to provide discounts on virtually all of the 14,000 medications that are approved for patient use by the FDA. The PS Card is free to everyone and can be printed right from your computer.