If your doctor writes a prescription for Klonopin, make sure she marks the option to purchase clonazepam, the generic. Clonazepam is used to treat different types of seizures. It is also used in the treatment of panic disorders and for RLS (restless leg syndrome) when other medications are ineffective. For anyone without prescription drug coverage, even the purchase of clonazepam can put a strain on the family budget.

At PS Card, we have negotiated with pharmacies across the nation to give cash buyers the same purchasing power as those with insurance cards. Our prescription savings card offers anyone who purchases medications outright the same kind of discount given to those with insurance cards. You can save as much as 50 percent on generic and brand name medications using PS Card.

Purchase Clonazepam with Your PS Card for a Discount

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Whether you need clonazepam or medications for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, contraceptives, herpes, exzema, asthma or any other chronic illness or condition, you can benefit from the discounts available when you use the PS Card. Ask your local pharmacist whether he is a participant with PS Card, or look up your local pharmacies using the search tools on our website.