Finding affordable pharmacy drugs is challenging for many people. Those who are uninsured or underinsured may find that buying the pharmacy drugs they need is almost impossible. Insurance many not even cover all the drugs some patients need. It's not uncommon for such people to find themselves having to choose between groceries and the medicines they need.

Let's face it: medicines are expensive. Drug companies have no real incentive to make pharmaceutical drugs affordable. When a company has a patent on a drug, they know they're the only game in town. If someone needs their product, that person will have to pay whatever the drug company wants to charge.

Affordable Pharmacy Drugs Can Be a Reality

Now, you can buy medicines at affordable prices. Using a free pharmacy discount card, called the PS Card, you can enjoy significant discounts on brand-name medicines. The PS Card is not a form of health insurance. However, the discounts the PS Card provides are often equal to or better than the co-pays rates you'd shell out if you had health insurance. Best of all, anyone can use the PS Card. There is no membership to sign up for, nor are there any introductory charges to pay.

Once you have your PS Card, you can start using it right away to get the medicines you need at affordable prices. Thousands of chain and local pharmacies across the nation accept the PS Card. Check our website to find the closest one to you. Affordable pharmacy medicines are only a mouse click away.