CVS Caremark Pharmacy one of the largest nationwide chains with over 7,500 stores, is about to grow larger with the acquisition of Target Pharmacies at the end of 2015. Like many of the other pharmacy chains in the United States, CVS offers you services to help you get better prices on your prescription medications. Its Benefits CheckUpRx program helps you find public and private programs that offer financial assistance and medical coverage. CVS also sells generic medications that can be much cheaper than its brand-name equivalents. Most importantly, CVS accepts pharmacy discount cards.

"...Most importantly, CVS accepts pharmacy discount cards.."

Using Your Prescription Card at CVS Discount Pharmacy

PS Card negotiates with pharmacies like CVS to bring you discounted prices on all your medications. We make it easy to get a permanent PS Card, accepted at CVS, and everyone is eligible. Once you get your card, price your prescription before you shop using our drug pricing tool to get lower prices on over 14,000 drugs. The PS card works for both brand-name and generic medications, so you'll save money regardless of what type of drugs you buy.

The PS Card is a completely free prescription drug program. You can sign up regardless of your age, saving on thousands of prescription medications.

Unlike Walmart or Sam's Club, CVS Pharmacy will save your PS Card prescription discount information in your customer profile, so you do not need to show your PS Card every time you request a refill.