Feb. 5, 2016: Walmart & Sam's Club alert: PS Card members must present their PS Card to receive their PS Card discount, even on refills.*

A quick visit to your local Walmart discount pharmacy might make you think that high prescription costs are one problem you will never have to deal with again. After all, Walmart invented $4 generic prescriptions, which provide you with a cheap 30-day supply of your medication. With prices like that, you may wonder whether you really need a discount pharmacy card.

This Walmart $4 program may be a viable great option if you are buying one of the medications included in its discount pricing. However, if you go to a Walmart discount pharmacy to get your $4 medication and also have a prescription that is not included in this plan, you will suddenly be stuck paying full price again. This is where your PS Card comes in.

Save Money at Your Walmart Discount Pharmacy

The PS Card offers you a better alternative. Instead of only saving money on a limited list of medications, a PS Card reduces the prices you pay on almost every prescription you fill. Here at PS Card, we offer you discounts on 14,000 different drugs. This means no matter what medication you are buying, you will manage to save money. The PS card is free, and everyone is eligible for it. And you can shop at any local pharmacy. To find out what your PS Card price will be at your local pharmacy, use our drug pricing tool and see what you'll pay before you go, to get lower prices every time.

*PS Card members alert for Walmart & Sam's Club Pharmacies: As of approximately February 1, 2016, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. deactivated all historical discount card / coupon information on customer profiles at all their stores. This applies not only to PS Card Prescription Savings Cards, but all prescription discount cards. Walmart customers with insurance benefits are not affected. Your PS Card is still valid but you must show it at point of purchase to reinstate your prescription discounts and for purchases going forward.

"...Instead of only saving money on a select group of medications, a PS Card reduces the prices you pay on almost every prescription you fill.."