Wal-Mart purges prescription discount card data for millions of uninsured Americans—Your PS Card works or show this.

CARPINTERIA, CA, February 9, 2016 —Walmart has removed all electronically-stored prescription discount card information contained in pharmacy customer profiles according to preliminary customer claims data for February from PS Card Prescription Savings Card. This may affect you if you fill prescriptions at one of the over 4,800 Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies in the U.S. Uninsured and underinsured consumers who struggle to afford their prescriptions and rely on discount cards to make ends meet will pay the undiscounted cash price for their next prescription unless they present a prescription discount card to reinstate their discounts. Walmart customers with insurance benefits are not affected and will not have to provide a physical insurance card if one is already on file.

Uninsured Walmart and Sam’s Club customers must act to restore their discount pricing

“All Walmart and Sam’s Club uninsured customers must now take action to reinstate their purged prescription discount information to obtain discounted prescriptions.” said Jim Robbins, president of ApotheCard Inc / PS Card. “PS Card members save an average of $35 per month with our negotiated discounts applied to their prescription purchases. Now customers must show the pharmacy their existing card or a new discount card for every purchase.” Some customers are reporting prescription cards being denied by some pharmacists. Rest assured your PS Card is still valid and never expires. If you have misplaced yours, simply click and save the image below on your smartphone and you'll never be without it again!

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Standard pharmacy practice is to save prescription discount information in the customer’s profile, which is still the case at all other major chains. “No one knows why Walmart took action with no advance notice to prescription card companies or their customers,” added Robbins.