There are plenty of different discount drug cards out there. Many people find these cards attractive, due to the lowered costs on prescription medications these cards can provide. However, not every discount drug card is as beneficial as its advertising may claim. Some cards are only accepted at a limited number of pharmacies, others only cover a few drugs and some have annual membership fees that can be quite high.

When you're uninsured, you have a big enough financial burden to worry about without the complication of a hard-to-use discount drug card. You need something that's easy to obtain, is accepted almost everywhere and can be used to get discounts on virtually any of the 14,000 prescription medications available in the United States. You need the PS Card.

The PS Card Stands Out Among Other Discount Drug Cards

The PS Card is free and never expires. You can print one out at our website and start using it immediately. Our founder started the PS Card with the belief that everyone deserves access to prescription medications at prices they can afford. That's why we go out of our way to negotiate the best cash volume discounts available at American pharmacies, so our card-holders can enjoy the deepest possible discounts.

We also believe in outstanding customer service. Unlike other cards, we maintain a live call center, where you can always talk to a real person about any questions you may have about the PS Card. Print out your card today, or contact us to request a permanent plastic card through the mail.