If you don't currently have health insurance, you've probably looked into one or more discount drug plans. There are many such plans in operation in the United States. They all claim to offer their members discounts on prescription drugs. Because of the high cost of prescriptions, these cards present an attractive alternative to a large number of consumers.

Many discount drug plans require an annual membership fee or an enrollment charge. Others may only net you a tiny discount on the drugs you need, rendering the card almost useless. You've also probably noticed that many of these discount plans are not accepted at the majority of pharmacies. This means you may spend in gas what you would have saved on your medications, since you have to drive across town or to another city to reach a pharmacy that accepts your plan.

Select a Prime Discount Drug Plan

Fortunately, you don't have to search for the perfect discount drug plan any longer. You can carry the PS Card. The PS Card is accepted at more than 56,000 pharmacies throughout the United States, including many independently-owned local pharmacies and virtually all the major chains. There are no fees associated with the PS Card. In fact, you can print out a card today and start using it the very next time you go to the pharmacy. Pharmacies pay us a commission whenever you use the card, so we only make money by helping you save it.

We believe that everyone has the right to affordable medications. That's the philosophy upon which the PS Card was founded. Everyone qualifies for the PS Card, and it never expires, so put it to work for you today.