Discount Prescription Card are an excellent choice for anyone who falls into the dreaded Medicare "donut hole." This hole is a significant gap in Medicare prescription coverage that, though temporary, can be a huge financial burden for seniors living on fixed incomes. Getting a discount on medications while in the hole can ease this burden tremendously.

When you're using Medicare Part D to buy your prescription drugs, Medicare will pay part of the total cost of those drugs, up to a cap of $2,500. You'll only pay a small co-pay fee. However, once your drug costs reach this $2,500 mark, Medicare won't pay for anything else until you've paid another $1,500 in drug costs out of your own pocket. After that, Medicare will pay for the full cost of any medications you buy. The $1,500 that you must cover on your own is known as the "donut hole."

Discount Prescription Card Take the Sting Out of High Drug Costs

The PS Card is available to anyone who needs help paying for prescription drugs. With this card, you get access to pre-negotiated cash discounts on virtually any drug that can be legally sold in the nation's pharmacies. In many cases, discounts can be as high as 50 percent, and sometimes even higher.

The PS Card is free and available to you immediately. Simply print out a card on this website and use it the next time you need to fill a prescription. The card is accepted at over 56,000 pharmacies in the United States, so there's sure to be one near you. Use our pharmacy finder to locate nearby pharmacies near you that accept the PS Card.