The PS Card discount prescription plan is for everyone. The card was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to affordable medications. As such, we have negotiated volume discounts off the cash prices of prescription medications at over 56,000 pharmacies throughout the United States. This enables our card-holders to continue to buy their medications locally, from pharmacies that they trust.

When you use the PS Card discount plan, you'll immediately start enjoying savings on almost every prescription drug available in this country. PS Card saves card-holders an average of 40% off the cash price of their prescription medications. You may also be able to get discounts on certain medical supplies, such as diabetic test strips, depending on the pharmacy you use. Very few discount prescription plans offer savings on the large number of drugs covered by the PS Card.

Use Our Discount Prescription Plan

Some national chain pharmacies, such as Wal-Mart and Target, are offering $4 discount cards so patients can enjoy savings on certain generic drugs. However, these discount plans are extremely limited in scope, covering only an average of 175 medications. Plus, the low prescription costs are designed to get you into the store and encourage you to shop there. You could find yourself leaving the store with a cart full of things you didn't intend to buy when you came in. That doesn't represent real savings at all.

By using the PS Card, you can avoid all of the gimmicks and traps these big chain stores set for you. Simply print out your card and start using it at your favorite local pharmacy to get real savings on the medicines you need. The PS Card is free and you can start using it right away.