You no longer need to search far and wide for discount prescription programs that offer genuine savings. You can print out your very own PS Card and start participating in the program today. The PS Card is free, and it's accepted at tens of thousands of pharmacies around the country. You'll never have to pay membership dues or enrollment fees to use the card. Best of all, it can be used to enjoy discounts of up to more than half off the retail price of nearly 14,000 prescription medications.

Having access to a discount prescription program can be an enormous benefit to anyone who has a chronic condition. When you have to buy the same medications regularly, it makes a huge difference to save as much money as possible each and every time. Diabetes is a good example of this. As anyone with diabetes knows, managing the disease is an ongoing challenge. It's always necessary to have insulin, test strips and hypodermic syringes on hand. There may also be oral medications to take. A discount prescription plan can help lower the prohibitive costs of these items.

Use the PS Card Prescription Drug Program

For example, the diabetic drug Glyburide typically costs about $50 for a month's supply, depending on the pharmacy you use. With the PS Card, you can get Glyburide for around $12 a month. Discounts on other diabetic drugs range from 14 percent for Actos to 76 percent for glimiperide.

Some pharmacies will even accept the PS Card for diabetic supplies, such as test strips. Check with your pharmacy to see if they cover supplies as part of the PS Card program. Visit our website to print your own PS Card, or contact our customer care department to have a permanent plastic card mailed to you today.