The PS Card is a free drug card that you can start using today. Unlike other discount drug cards that require you to fill out lengthy applications, then wait for weeks while a card is generated and sent to you in the mail, the PS Card can be printed out on your computer right this minute. All we require is some basic contact information to get you on your way.

The PS Card is also unlike other cards in that it's totally free of cost or obligation. There are never any enrollment or membership fees associated with obtaining or using it. In fact, you can print out a card for everyone you know, and never have to pay a dime. Every card is free, no matter how many you need. You can even request any number of permanent plastic cards to be mailed to you at no cost whatsoever.

Use Our Free Drug Card

This extraordinary free drug card is an excellent choice for anyone who:

  • Has no health insurance
  • Falls into the Medicare Part D donut hole
  • Has a high deductible on their health insurance and could benefit from a free drug card
  • Has to take a medication that isn't covered by their health insurance

Don't let the high cost of prescription drugs deter you from getting the medications that you need to stay healthy. Avoid using web-based and foreign pharmacies of dubious integrity. Because the PS Card is accepted at thousands of pharmacies in the United States, there's probably one in your neighborhood that takes it. You can use our online pharmacy search feature to find out. If your favorite pharmacy doesn't accept the PS Card yet, we'll be happy to invite them to join us on your behalf.