Free prescription cards from PS Card can help you defray the cost of your high triglyceride medications. Having high triglycerides is a serious matter. While you may not feel any different, those triglycerides are causing all kinds of dangerous changes in your body. It's an accepted medical fact that the higher your triglycerides rise, the greater your risk of stroke becomes.

Triglycerides are sugars within your blood stream, and can rise due to diet or genetics. Generally, triglyceride levels over 200 are considered too high. If you've tried to manage your triglyceride levels through diet and haven't succeeded, you may be prescribed one of several medications designed to lower your levels. TriCor and Lopid are two of the most common drugs used to treat high triglycerides. Unfortunately, they are very expensive.

Our Free Prescription Cards Can Help You Manage High Triglycerides

TriCor and Lopid range in price from $100 to $400 for a month's supply, depending on the pharmacy you use. It isn't common knowledge that prices vary significantly from pharmacy to pharmacy. Most people assume drugs have set prices that can't be adjusted. However, this isn't true. Pharmacies mark up the drugs they sell in order to make a profit, just like any other retail business.

When you use the free PS Card to buy your prescriptions, you can save a substantial amount off the cost of drugs, including TriCor and Lopid. It's free to get the PS Card and you can print out as many as you like right now. Get your free prescription card and start saving on medications today.