You can get a free prescription discount every time you go to the pharmacy. Too many so-called "discount" drug plans don't offer any real savings at all. When you factor in the enrollment fees, annual membership fees and card dispensing fees, you often end up spending more on start-up costs than you would have saved on your prescriptions.

Even if a prescription discount program is really free, it's often limited in scope. Some of these free programs are only available at certain big-name pharmacies, while others only provide savings on a few different medications. If your medication isn't on the list of covered drugs, or if your pharmacy doesn't participate in the program, your discount card will essentially be worthless.

Get a Genuine Free Prescription Discount With the PS Card

The PS Card is one of the only genuinely free prescription discount cards available anywhere. Not only is it completely, 100 percent free, it's accepted at thousands of chain and local pharmacies across the country. Pharmacists love to tell their customers about the PC Card, because they know it really helps people save money on their prescriptions. Most pharmacists are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure their customers can get the medicines they need at prices they can afford.

As such, we've negotiated some steep discounts off the retail prices of thousands of drugs. You can realize savings of 50 percent or more on medications when you use the PS Card. Make sure you print one out and start using it today.