Now, medical discount cards are available for all of your customers. If you've worked as a pharmacist for even a small period of time, you've almost certainly encountered a fair number of customers who have trouble paying for their medications. It's not that these customers don't have jobs or incomes. In fact, most of them do. The problem is that they are uninsured, or, in some cases, have inadequate insurance.

As you know, medicines can be very expensive. Even the cost of generics can sometimes be prohibitive to people on limited incomes. We know you care about your customers and hate to see any of them go without the medicines they need. That's why you should know about the PS Card medical discount program. The PS Card is a medical discount card that is free and available to everyone. If your pharmacy is a part of our network of partners, your customers can use the card to get discounts of up to 50 percent on their medications.

Print Out Our Medical Discount Cards Today

When your pharmacy becomes one of our partners, you'll pay our Pharmacy Benefit Management company a small claims processing fee on each prescription that's filled. The fee is nominal, and accepting the card encourages new customers to shop in your store and established customers to keep coming back. By making the card available, you'll be helping your customers in a very real way.

You can print out as many PS Cards as you like and keep them on hand at your pharmacy. Or request a quantity of discount cards on this website. Hand them out to the customers who need them the most and let them know we're here to answer any of their questions. We're one of the only medical discount card providers that operates a toll-free customer care call center.