If your child has recently graduated from college and is no longer covered by your insurance policy, you can help her be prepared for future medical expenses by getting her a prescription drug card. A prescription drug card is not insurance. However, it will enable your child to get deep discounts at the pharmacy any time she has to have a prescription filled.

Young adults often think that they don't need any kind of medical coverage, and it's not difficult to understand why. When you're in your early 20's, you feel invincible. Your energy levels are naturally high, you rarely get sick and you feel like you can do anything. An unexpected injury or illness that would lead to a trip to the doctor's office is the last thing on your mind.

Prescription Drug Card for Recent Graduates

Even if your child isn't covered by health insurance, she should have some means of paying for prescriptions. She may want to take oral birth control pills or could need a one-time prescription for any number of temporary health conditions. Medicines are expensive, and a discount drug card can help defray those costs, keeping her medical expenses within her budget.

The PS Card is a discount drug card that provides savings of up to 50 percent on any legal medication. You can print out a card for your child right now and she can start using it right away. The PS Card is free and there are no qualifying requirements. Now that your child is all grown up, give her the gift of savings with the PS Card.