A good prescription savings card will ease the burden of paying for medicines while living on a limited budget. We've all heard the sad stories of senior citizens who have to eat cat food in order to afford their prescriptions. These seniors can't afford prescription drug coverage under their Medicare plan and live entirely off of their Social Security checks. Their meager budgets mean that they can't buy groceries if they're going to stay healthy and live pain-free.

Of course, this is a situation no one ever wants to be in. With the high cost of prescription drugs, however, the chances of this happening are very real, especially when someone has no savings, credit cards or access to additional funds. The choice between medicine or groceries is one nobody should ever have to make, but hundreds of people do, every day.

Our Prescription Savings Card Can Help You

If you see yourself teetering on the edge when it comes to buying your medications, please consider printing out a PS Card for yourself. The PS Card is a savings card that's totally free and available for use as soon as you print it out. We've negotiated steep discounts among the nation's pharmacies on your behalf. You can use the PS Card to save an average of 40 percent on just about any medication you may need.

If such savings on drugs would help you, please don't delay in printing out a PS Card. If you have any questions about the card, you can always call us or check our website. At PS Card, we're always here, ready to help you.