Making ends meet when you're uninsured and suffering from depression is tough, but the prescription savings program offered by the PS Card can help. Having depression is difficult enough without having to wonder how you're going to pay for your medications each month. In fact, such worries can actually hinder your progress and slow your recovery.

If you have chronic depression, you may need to take one or more medications on a daily basis, possibly for the rest of your life. You don't want each month to bring day after day of nail-biting anxiety over how you're going to pay for your drugs. If you're unable to work a regular job due to your depression, these financial worries can become quite intense. After all, those medications are essential to maintaining a positive state of mind and good quality of life.

Our Prescription Savings Program Is Ready to Help You

The PS Card is free, never expires and can be used at most pharmacies. You'll want to take advantage of this savings program to help you pay for your medications. Discounts offered by the PS Card prescription savings program can be steep, ranging from 20 to 80 percent. For example, the drug Zoloft is a common anti-depressant that costs about $95 for a bottle of 100 tablets. With the PS Card, you could potentially save anywhere from $19 to $76 off of your prescription for Zoloft. That kind of money is significant to anyone who has to live on a budget.

This prescription savings program is ready for you to start using today. All you have to do is print out your PS Card on your computer. Don't wait another day--start saving now.