PS Card

Never pay retail for your prescriptions again!


How does the PS Card work?

PS Card negotiates volume cash discounts with local pharmacies, including both national chains and neighborhood stores, to save you up to 50% on all prescription drugs. We pass all of these savings on to you and the pharmacy pays PS Card a small referral fee. If you are uninsured or taking a drug that is not covered by your health plan PS Card will save you up to 50%

How much does the PS Card cost?

Your PS Card is free, and you can get one for everyone in your family. We receive a small referral fee from the pharmacy whenever you use your card. So we only make money when you save money. Unlike many other drug discount card companies and health insurance companies, PS Card does not sell memberships or insurance.

What drugs are covered?

PS Card cash discounts apply to all FDA-approved prescription drugs, both brand name drugs and generics. PS Card discounts over 10,000 generic drugs, plus several thousand more name brand drugs. PS Card may also save you money on other prescription items, such as diabetic test strips. Check with your pharmacy, using your PS Card, regarding pricing.

Who qualifies for a PS Card?

Anyone qualifies, regardless of income, age, insurance status, or citizenship.

Why do prescription drugs cost so much?

Most people who have health insurance never see the true cost of their prescriptions because they only pay a small amount or percentage of the total cost - the co-pay or co-insurance amount. Their insurance company pays the rest. If they lose their insurance, people have to pay the whole cost of the drug, not just a $10 or $20 co-pay. For a brand name drug, this total cost can easily exceed $100.00. This pharmacy retail price is like a car's "sticker price" -- the maximum list price for the drug. With PS Card you'll never pay maximum price again.

Is this insurance?

No. PS Card simply offers cash discounts from the "sticker" price that the pharmacy charges those without prescription insurance benefits.

Just how much will I save with PS Card?

Generic drugs are discounted as much as 80% with an average discount of 56% off the retail "sticker" prices. Brand name drugs are discounted as much as 20%, with an average discount of 13%. Actual retail prices and discounts vary from store to store. Discover your exact savings with our Price a Prescription.

Will my pharmacy accept the PS Card?

Over 56,000 pharmacies in the U.S., including all major national chains, most regional chains, and many local independent pharmacies, accept the PS Card. To double-check that your pharmacy offers PS Card cash discounts, use our Local Pharmacy Finder. If your local pharmacy does not accept your PS Card, please let us know and we will gladly invite them to join our discount network.

How soon can I use my PS Card?

You can use PS Card and get up to 50% discount as soon as you print it!

Does my PS Card ever expire?

From time to time we may ask you to update your account information. That's why we ask for your name and e-mail address. Otherwise your PS Card never expires. Send Me A Permanent PS Card

I have drug coverage through my health insurance. Will the PS Card save me any money?

Not on drugs covered by your insurance. However, if you are taking prescriptions that are not covered by insurance, or are not in your insurance plan's formulary or preferred drug list, PS Card can help you afford the drugs you need by getting a PS Card cash discount.

I am in the Medicare Part D "donut hole." Will the PS Card save me any money?

If your prescription is covered in your Medicare Part D plan, you will get Medicare preferred pricing, but still might save with PS Card. If your medication is not covered by your Medicare Part D plan, you probably will save money. Use our Price a Prescription and find out. Talk to your health plan about submitting claims, so your prescription expenses will count toward getting through the donut hole.