PS Card

Never pay retail for your prescriptions again!


Why do cash customers pay the most?
Can you imagine walking onto a car lot with $15,000 in cash to buy a new car and being told that since you want to pay cash, the new car will cost you an extra $5,000? Can you imagine going to the movies and learning that since you are unemployed, the movie will cost you $10 rather than the normal $7 for everyone else? Prescription drugs are a little like that. If you don’t have insurance for prescriptions and want to buy them at a local pharmacy, you will pay much more than the person in line behind you who has insurance. More

Save on genuine prescription drugs at your local pharmacy
What is more important to you – saving money on your prescriptions or making sure that the medicine is genuine and not counterfeit or out-of-date? With PS Card, you can have both. Many people have resorted to using online pharmacies, Canadian pharmacies, Mexican pharmacies and other international sources of questionable reputation. More

The Truth about Walmart, Target and others’ $4 Generic Plans 
Have you ever been to a super-discounter like Costco? They sell milk and other essentials at rock-bottom prices to generate traffic. Have you ever gone to Costco to buy milk and left with $200 worth of things you didnt need or go there to buy? Wal-Mart and Target both have a $4 per prescription price for selected generic drugs. On the surface, this sounds great. Maybe even noble. Rest assured, they are not doing this to be noble. Thats why they are only discounting a small number of leading generic prescription medications. More