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Patient Assistance

Patient Assistance Programs, or PAPs, are sponsored by drug manufacturers to help low-income and uninsured patients get expensive brand-name medications either for free or at a large discount.

Not all brand-name drugs have a corresponding Patient Assistance Program, but over 500 drugs are available through PAP programs. Each drug manufacturer makes their own patient assistance rules, and determines eligibility requirements. Most patient assistance programs have income and U.S. residency requirements, and most also require that applicants are either uninsured or that the medication is not covered under their health insurance.

It is important to note that generic drugs do not have drug-manufacturer-sponsored patient assistance programs. If you are taking an expensive generic drug, use your PS Card to save money. To see whether patient assistance is available for your medications, find your drug names in the list below and review the manufacturer’s eligibility requirements.

Applying for patient assistance can be a daunting task, requiring patients and doctors to fill out many forms and provide extensive documentation. Sometimes patients have unusual personal circumstances that do not fit normal eligibility guidelines, requiring that applicants file formal appeals. Our partner company, RxAccess4u, can help you apply for patient assistance for all of your brand-name drugs. To learn more about the services provided by RxAccess4u and to see if you qualify for patient assistance, visit our prescription assistance overview page.

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