Prescription assistance for seniors is available from the PS Card. It's not unusual for seniors to find themselves on fixed incomes, or to have insurance coverage that's lacking. Medicare Part D is available to help seniors ease their prescription drug costs, but this coverage is optional and requires the payment of a monthly premium. For those who can't afford Medicare Part D, paying for prescriptions can be a real problem.

Even seniors who have Medicare Part D may eventually find themselves in a prescription quandary. It's a little-known fact that Medicare Part D coverage is not absolute. It works like most health insurance programs, with a co-pay being required of the policy holder whenever prescriptions are purchased. However, this is true only until someone has spent $2,500 on prescriptions. After that, seniors are responsible for the full cost of the next $1,500 worth of medicines they buy. While Medicare will pay for medicines again after the $1,500 requirement is met, this so-called "donut hole" is a real burden for many senior citizens.

Prescription Assistance for Seniors Throughout the United States

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