PS Card

Never pay retail for your prescriptions again!


As the essential link between the prescribing doctor and the patient, you, the Pharmacist, are on the front line in the battle to keep patients on their needed medications. In this tough economy, some patients are choosing between groceries and their prescriptions. As you know, the uninsured pay the highest prices for their prescriptions at the pharmacy. While all the major pharmacy chains accept PS Card under contract, most chains' corporate policies do not allow individual pharmacists to hand out PS Cards.

If your pharmacy is in the major pharmacy benefit networks, PS Card should work for your customers. You can check for yourself using our Price A Prescription Tool. Do a quick price comparison for a common prescription with your pharmacy's zip code. Your pharmacy's PS Card pricing will appear on the list, which will be sorted with the least expensive pharmacy for that prescription at the top.

PS Card works like any insured drug plan card, even though the program is not health insurance or prescription drug insurance. Simply use the customary codes (BIN / Group / Member, etc.) you will find on the member's PS Card.

We remind PS Card members to check pharmacy prices regularly, as prices do vary from store to store and they do change. We also recommend that they ask for the generic whenever possible–PS Card provides the deepest discounts for generics. If you or your customer has questions, PS Card Customer Service is ready to help via email at or toll free, 1-888-516-2535.

Our Pharmacy Help Desk number is 1-877-716-4457.

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