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As Mississippi FEMA Trailer Camps Disband, Help On the Way with Offer of Savings on Needed Medications

Picayune, MS, June 8, 2009— Though it has been nearly four years since Hurricane Katrina hit, wiping out homes and taking lives, the path of destruction remains wide when it comes to the needs of the victims.  Even as FEMA begins to relocate those who are still residing in trailers, tough economic times have proven especially challenging for the survivors…especially those with chronic medical conditions.  Enter PS Card, which along with  RX Access, is offering discount access to prescription drugs to thousands of residents as they are out-processed from FEMA-sponsored trailer camps.

“While the country’s and the world’s attention has moved away from the survivors of this natural disaster of August 2005, “ says James Robbins, President of PS Card, “we know many of them are as needy as ever, particularly those who require but cannot afford certain medications.  When RX Access pointed out this need to us, we were compelled to help this forgotten group.”

PS Card is a free prescription drug discount card that offers uninsured consumers access to discounted pricing for prescription drugs and other prescription items, such as diabetic test strips.  PS Cards may be used for discounted pricing on all FDA-approved prescription drugs at over 56,000 pharmacies in the U.S. and its territories.  Everyone qualifies, regardless of income, age, insurance status, or citizenship. Personalized PS Cards are available 24/7 at   The consumer may print out their Instant PS Card and/or request a durable plastic PS Card to be sent by U.S. Mail. Consumers without Internet access may reach PS Card Customer Service toll-free at 1-888-516-2535 to order a PS Card or request an Instant PS Card via SMS text message to their mobile phone.

“PS Card helps people stay on their needed medications and is a great help to the uninsured, those who don’t qualify for assistance programs, those on high-deductible HSA-qualified health plans, those needing an expensive prescription that is not covered by their insurance plan and those on a Medicare Part D prescription plan who are in the doughnut hole,” Robbins points out.  “Currently, PS Card is saving its collective membership over $1 million per month.”

Rx Access (www.rxaccess4u) was founded to help the uninsured and underinsured enroll in free drug programs for brand name prescriptions offered by pharmaceutical companies. With offices in Boise, Idaho and Vero Beach, Florida, Rx Access  serves a diverse individual patient base using health advocates who walk the patient’s free drug application through the complicated qualification process. Rx Access Institutional Division promotes their program through facilities such as hospitals that serve uninsured patients in institutional settings and who cannot afford their prescription medications. PS Card has worked with Rx Access since 2008 to help the most needy Americans obtain the medications they need and, as appropriate, refers visitors directly to Rx Access from For further information, contact Jim Robbins, PS Card (888) 516-2535.