PS Card

Never pay retail for your prescriptions again!


Have you ever been to a super-discounter like Costco? They sell milk and other essentials at rock-bottom prices to generate traffic. Have you ever gone to Costco to buy milk and left with $200 worth of things you didnt need or go there to buy?

Walmart and Target both have a $4 per prescription price for selected generic drugs. On the surface, this sounds great. Maybe even noble. Rest assured, they are not doing this to be noble. Thats why they are only discounting a small number of leading generic prescription medications. Walmart offers a whopping 133 generics, which expands to 315, if you count the various dosages; Target offers 131 generics with 306 dosage variations. These loss-leaders are priced aggressively to generate traffic not just at the pharmacy, but in the whole store.

PS Card provides discounts on all 10,000 generic prescription drugs and on over 4,000 brand-name prescription drugs. With PS Card, generic drugs are discounted as much as 80%, with an average discount of 56%, off the retail "sticker" prices. Brand name drugs are discounted as much as 20%, with an average discount of 13%. Actual retail prices and discounts do vary from store to store, so it pays to shop around. Discover your exact savings with our Price Finder.

If you only take one generic prescription, and its on the Walmart or Target list, AND you dont mind going there for your prescriptions, go save a dollar or two. If you take one of the other 13,867 prescriptions covered by PS Card and want to shop at your local pharmacy and pay a fair discounted price, take your pharmacist your PS Card.

PS Card discounts all 14,000 FDA-approved prescription drugs, not just 133 generic prescription drugs.

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