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The following are unedited stories submitted to PS Card using "Here's my story . . . what is yours?" Tell us your story.

from Dan in Saint Clair, MI:

"Tip for Saving: Definately use the comparison guide and even ask the pharmacy if they can do any better on the price. If you are a steady customer every month they may work with you. I know my locally owned pharmacy did. The big thing is stay away from the big name pharmacies. CVS, Wall Green [Walgreens], Rite Aid. These three are the highest of any pharmacy."

Dan's Story: "I was in a severe car accident that left me with multiple issues from broken bones and cuts to bleeding on the brain and damaged nerves. Needless to say I remain taking a few different medications to help with varying complications. The auto company quit paying for my care after a few years and I starting paying out of my pocket for medication. I couldn't believe how expensive medications were and decided to find a cheaper alternative. I found PS Card and was leery at first but when it was time to refill my medications they took the card and gave me the savings immediately. I saved approximately 35% from my local pharmacy and was very satisfied. When I read about the comparison guide I had to try it out. I was completely shocked at how much I was saving at my locally owned pharmacy from the Big Three I like to call them. CVS, Wall Green [Walgreens] and Rite Aid. When I compared discount price to discount price from the Big Three to my pharmacy there was in some cases as much as a 83% savings. They ranged from a low of 8% difference to the high of 83% with an average of 44.36%.

Yes the PS Card is for real, don't wait get your savings now. Even if you save an average of 20% lower than what you were paying, that is a huge savings. So print out the card and check the price comparison guide and start saving. Thank you PS Card. Sincerely, Dan

P.S. Watch out for the Big Three!!! ( CVS, Wall Green [Walgreens] & Rite Aid ) "

from Barb in Glouster, OH:

"Tip for Saving: Using the PS Card"

Barb's Story: "I often use my PS Card due to lack of medical coverage for certain medications. I always go online and research the pharmacy, medication as well as the price. I recently broke my tibia and fibula at the ankle so I'm layed up in and out of the hospital having surgery after surgery so I sent my mother to Fruths pharmacy in Nelsonville, Ohio, which is listed as a pharmacy that honors the card. They first told my mother they did not then when I told them they're listed online and what the price should be, they told her they wouldn't honor it because their store would lose too much money! Mind you, normally I fill this particular prescription at Krogers in Trimble, Ohio and its a few cents cheaper WITHOUT the PS Card!!! I contacted Fruths corporate office and they agreed to reimburse me the difference of the PS Card price, but I will no longer take my business there. Be cautious when using your savings card and if you run into a situation such as mine, call a higher up until you get a positive resolution! I am thankful for this savings card and suggest everyone get one because even if you have prescription coverage, there are medications that may not be covered and I have yet to run into a medication not listed with the PS Card! Your card is a blessing to me monthly! Thanks again!"

from Debra in Chickasha, OK:

"Tip for Saving: Use Your FREE PS Card!"

Debra's Story: "I paid around $180 every month for over a year for my Gabapentin, (Neurontin), 600mg, 90 count prescription. A friend had given me this link and told me "This might save you some money!" Like most FREE offers, I figured there would have to be a catch so I tossed the thought aside. Finally, I ran into a really tough month and was not going to be able to come up with the nearly $200 needed for my prescription so I thought, "What the heck...might as well try it. As long as they don't ask for my credit card information!" So I used the PS Card's free "Search and Compare" pricing tool and it indicated that I could purchase my RX from the same exact store I had been buying from all along, for......$47.42!!! I was in complete disbelief! So I printed out my PS Card and the pricing tool info, went to my Walmart.....and sure enough, exactly $47.42. It makes me sick (pun intended) to think about all the money I could have saved over the past year! Don't waste another minute. Check it out. What have you got to lose?? I can't say THANK YOU enough Jim Robbins!!! :-)"

from Todd in Sarasota, FL:

"Tip for Saving: Using PS Card on generic drugs"

Todd's Story: "I'm a 26 year old male who's been suffering from chronic pain for nearly five years. Going to specialist to find the right diagnosis and many, many expensive medical tests was almost enough to bankrupt me. Due to the state of the economy, I found myself in and out of dead-end jobs and without any health insurance. My condition requires me to see my attending physician monthly, and on top of that, take a couple prescriptions to treat the often severe pain I'm in. I wish I had known about this program years sooner, because I could have literally saved myself THOUSANDS of dollars in out of pocket expenses at the pharmacy every year. Now finally with my PS Card in hand, I save hundreds of dollars every time I go to refill my medications that I desperately need. The PS Card typically saves me over 70% on both of my medications! Without this valuable card, I would be bankrupt and unable to afford my medication. I thank the founder of this service every day for the tremendous help I receive from using my PS Card!"

from Carmela in Spring Hill, FL:

"Tip for Saving: PS Card - Use it dont forget you have it!"

Carmela's Story: "I was at a pharmacy, was given the price of all my medication... and then I began to cry out loud. I did not know where these tears came from..but they came.

A lady, who is now my private angel (she does not even know) for she was a stranger who said... you do not have to choose between food and medication sweet heart. Go home and look up a RX card called the  "PS Card". I left in tears, did not buy my meds, went home and looked up PS Card. To my surprise I  printed my card right then, went back to the pharmacy and purchsed my needed medication. HALF OFF of what they were... what was $900.00 went down to $468.09. That my story...I referred over 20 people and they referred people...  IF YOU NEED HELP JOIN THE "PS CARD" group of people like you and me...

It works if you use it...
PS Card all the way.."

from Mark in Dover, OH:

"Tip for Saving: PS CARD"

Mark's Story: "Hi, I just want you to know I was disabled from work 1 year ago, And it will take 3 years to go threw the social security system that I paid into for the last 40 years.I could not aford my Cobra Insurance so Now I have no insurance at all.The PS Card saves me over $100.00 a month.But I still worry a lot about not having health insurance. Lets Ask Congress to do without insurance and see how fast they fix the Healthcare System."

from David in Wilder, ID:

"Tip for Saving: use the PS card"

David's Story: "I lost my job 01/07/2008 do to a job related injury my workmans comp payment ran out 10/2008. I have not been able to find work as of yet I have medical issues that are not work related the PS CARD has saved me several hundred dollars on perscriptions I am so thankful for the help."

from Regina in Rockaway Beach, NY:

"Tip for Saving: Try to use the PS Card"

Regina's Story: "I am so happy that the PS Card was so readily available and easy to obtain and use, since I lost my drug coverage due to my husband's having to retire because of health onditions recently.

I am on disability, so have medicare, but had to wait for the open enrollment period, and the PS Card has really been a godsend to me ... I did not enroll in a drug plan, as they take enough money out of my small monthly check as it is, and with our lower income I do qualify for some helpful programs from the makers of the medications I need, and recive some free.

Whatever your situation, if you do not have drug coverage, I would definitely recommend sending for a PS Card ... I get as good prices as when I had Blue Cross/Blus Shield, on some meds.

Thank you very much!"

from Veronica, Fountain Valley, CA:

Veronica's Story: "I just want say how grateful I am to have found your site. I recently lost my insurance and was devastated. I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. I couldn't sleep at night wondering how I was going to pay for my prescriptions.

I have to say that the savings I received using the PSCARD was a life saver for me. I am saving over a hundred dollars a month on my two prescriptions and can't thank you enough. I am telling everyone I know in my position, and referring you to as many Urgent Care Clinics as I can.

Thank you so much."

from Crystal:

Crystal's Story: "I signed up for my ps card and saved $100.00 the first two times I used it. I have since signed up my husband, my mother, father, sister, her boyfriend, grandfather, aunt and a few friends whom have all saved money using the PS card. Most of these people live on a fixed income so this has helped them in more ways than one.

Thanks to the people that started this program, it's nice to know theres people out there that really
care about others and offer a program like that that doesn't require some type of membership fee or restrictions.

You people have made a difference in many lives.

Thanks from all of us."

from La Nae, Fairbanks, AK:

"Tip for Saving: Ask to talk to the Patient Care Coordinator"

La Nae's Story: "Dear Mr. Robbins,

Thank you for starting PS card! It is such a beneficial service for our patients. I just spoke with a young gentleman today (age 36) and he first thanked me for having a consultation room to talk with patients (he says he would not have felt comfortable talking to me in our clinic lobby). He was very worried about being able to affored the medications he was prescribed yesterday and with the nature of his prescriptions he needed immediate assistance. I have a regular process being a Patient Advocate but I know it takes anywhere from 1 week to two weeks with new applicants. To the credit of my Nurse Manager (who also happens to be my direct supervisor) she handed me a flyer explaining PS Card just last Friday.

Thankfully on the consultation room I used we have an internet connection...I went to your website and printed an instant card for him (I also applied for him to get one in the mail).***I cannot tell you how happy you made this young single father, he went from being worried sick about the cost of his new medications to having hope and very gracious that your program exists.

Thank you, today I was able to use your program for the first time and I am ever so grateful that you started this program."

from Sharyn, Arlington, TX:

"Tip for Saving: reliable mail order companies such as"

Sharyn's Story: "I am on Medicare/Social Security Disability for a multitude of health problems and have been for many years.  My story is that until I called PSC this morning I was in a real quandry as to how I would pay for one particular prescription that is not covered by Medicare at all, Medicaid covers it, but I cannot get Medicaid, and all of the pharmacies I spoke with did not have it on their list and would not let me be part of their program because I have Medicare.  I spoke with a very nice lady named Pat this morning and she told me where I could get the medication and it will be much less inexpensive for me with the PSC card, which I am thankful is free.  People with disabilities and very low incomes who have Medicare Plan D often times that they cannot get certain needed prescriptions for their health issues.  I truly hope that this will be the answer to my problem for this one medication and I may have to rely on it for other medications in the future."

from anonymous:


from Roger, Lake Helen, FL:

Roger's Story: "My wife and I both use your card and it indeed does save us money. I have been laid off for awhile so it is especially good to have right now. I don't know exactly how you make money on this but I surely appeciate it and it has helped us make it through this tight period we are going through. Thank you so much."

from Rosaelina, Pleasanton, CA:

Rosaelina's Story: "Thank you so much Louise and Kathie, [see Louise & Kathie's stories, below] I do wants the public in my home town, to know about you two! How much you are doing to help peoples in this world that are in need with trying to buy there's medicines, and can't afford its to buy its. Why? Because they don't have no Health Insurance for there medication!! Yes, Louise an Kathie is so hard to find a cheap health insurance for your medication. Its since to be harder and harder for us seniors and youngster, and the most important is our children's in this world. An I'm so gratefully that I have found you in the Website. And that how I been buying my medication with your PS Card that you really save. And let me tell you, its have been helping me to be able to tak my medication everyday with out me worried about not being able to afford its. Now I can, with your PS Card. I thanks you both. I hope people out there can at less see your website and see how much different its can help then.

Thank you so much."

from Kerry, Old Hickory, TN:

"Tip for Saving: Buy Generics, and use the PS Card"

Kerry's Story: "I recently lost my job of two years. I suffer from severe chronic back pain for which there is no cure. I have to take medications daily to help with the terrible pain that I suffer from. Upon losing my job, I also lost my Insurance. If it were not for the PS Card, I could not afford the medicine that I have to take several times a day just so I can deal with day to day life. Thanks to everyone at PS Card for making it possible for me to be able to  get my medicines.

Thanks, K"

from Gwen, Pensacola, FL:

"Tip for Saving: PS Card"

Gwen's Story: "Hi, I had searched the internet for a few weeks after changing jobs and having no insurance coverage. Some sites have patient assistance programs through the drug manufacturer, but I found out many don't. Well, I was panicked being a divorced, single parent, no child support and can't afford the cost of most of my daily medication. I was so relieved when I found your site. I could not believe my eyes, people wanting to help without a fee! I printed a card for me and then made one for  my brother who was in a serious car accident with no insurance his own card. I took my card to my local pharmacy and boy was I surprised, I got all of my medication normally costing $100s a month for $38.50 for three months. I will tell everyone I know about this card. It is wonderful, and I sure appreciate people that care enough to help people without insurance. It is more common than we want to think in our country the number of hard working people with no health coverage.

Thanks again, Gwen"

from Noel, Coffeyville, KS:

"Tip for Saving: Check every place in town"

Noel's Story: "Hi---My high blood pressure is next to the lowest as compare to nearby stores, however my Gocoma med is fifty dollars cheaper than four other stores. Thank You."

from Diana, Bridgeport, TX:

"Tip for Saving: try to get generic when possible"

Diana's Story: "I am a senior citizen not yet old enough to be on medicare but after recently being dignosed with severe reactive airway disease among other illness of the body I was no longer to work in my job...I lost my insurance and did not know what I would do about the many breathing medications I would be on was either be able to eat or buy breathing medications because when I lost my job I also lost my insurance...thank God for the PSCard!!! I have saved just today from a $58.00 prescription to $11.00 and that is just on one medication...the pharmacy just takes the card and in seconds runs it thru for my discount just like when I had insurance...I just wish more people knew about this wonderful card!!!  I have worked my whole life and have had I don't and in a world where we are trying to make ends meet it is so wonderful to have someone that cares about people without insurance...Thankyou from the bottom of my worn out heart!!!"

from Kathie, Jackson, MI:

"Tip for Saving: Use the PS Card & check pricing"

Kathie's Story: "Hello~
My name is Kathie.  I, like so many others these days have no health insurance and no prescription insurance. I am a 45 year old, divorced nurse, who until recently took having good insurance coverage for granted.  "You don't know what it's got until it's gone" sums it up pretty well.  I used to complain because I have co-pays that were sometimes $30 or $40.  Boy, those were the days. I suffer from many medical conditions, which require prescription medications.  Most of these medications are very, very costly. There were times when I had to choose which prescription to fill or not fill each month. There were times when I had to choose to buy groceries, gas etc. or get my prescriptions filled. It is crazy that living in the USA, we should have to live that way. Because I have a LPN license, I am not eligible for any state assistance and have been denied SSDI because the judge felt I could do "some other kind of work".

Unfortunately, where I live, jobs of any kind are few and far between. (My fiancé, who is also unemployed, due to a spinal fusion surgery 2 years ago, has been desperately seeking employment for the past year with no luck. He too has no insurance. His Humira for RA is $1200.00 a month and he takes several other expensive meds too). I have osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  I need to have both knees replaced due to the joint damage there. I also have damaged shoulder joints on both sides. I was able to have one operated on before losing insurance, but could not follow up and continue with the repair. I also was diagnosed 5 years ago with fibromyalgia.

I take Norco and Oxycontin for my pain, which are both outrageously priced. I have severe hypertension, for which I take Norvasc, HCTZ, Lasix and Potassium. These were not the Dr's drugs of choice, but rather the most affordable that work "ok", not well. I take Xanax for anxiety, which is greatly due to finances and my current situation of being unemployed. Migraines are treated with Fioricet, ADD is treated with Adderall and my GERD is prescribed Nexium, however, if no samples are available, I cannot fill it and must use some other form of OTC medication for it that does not work as well. I take weekly B-12 injections for anemia, caused from a prior gastric surgery. I am unable to use NSAIDS because of the stomach surgery.

I sound like a real basket case huh?  Well, that is how I feel too.  I have recently stopped my anti-depressant medications due to the price of those too.  Long story short (or still long really), when I found how much money I could save by using this "FREE" card, I was ecstatic. I was a little skeptical at first too, since it involved no "membership", no "dues" or "fees" small print! I have saved a lot of money over the past few months because of the PS Card, which has enabled me to take my medications as prescribed most of the time. I have referred many people to your website and bragged about the savings. I just want you to know how much you have helped me, as well as my family. I would be proud to have my story told or do whatever else I could to help you to be able to keep this program running.  Thank you so very much.  Sincerely, Kathie"

from Louise, North Las Vegas, NV:

"Tip for Saving: My PS Card"

Louise's Story: "I had quit my job back in November of 2007 and was dependant on my husband and his insurance for our medical needs. My husband lost his job in March of 2008 and we had no insurance and both have medications that we need to take daily. I was devastated and worried cause we needed these medications and really couldn't afford to pay the high prices for them. I was on the internet one day searching for help to get our medicine and came accross the PS Card site. Thank you so much for this site. Since I have applied for our free card it has taken all my worries of how am I going to pay for the high prices away. On some of our meds, I am saving over 50% on the cost. What is sad, is that our doctor was not aware of this card or this site. I have been trying to tell as many people as I can about this site and this free card. Thank you for being there when I needed help.

from Pat, in response to a PS Card email newsletter:

Pat's Story: "Thank you for your email.  It was most informative.  I do not have insurance coverage for my prescriptions, so I signed up with PS Card.  I have saved dramatically over what I was spending  before.  I can't begin to tell you what the PC Card has meant to me.  I was spending almost $300 per month before, and now with your card I am spending less than $100.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

from D. in Petersburg, VA:

D's Story: "My mother has not been taken her medication on a regular basis because some months she couldn't afford it.  I decided to do some research on this program once I saw the advertisement on television.  I'm glad I did. I'm not sure about the savings yet because I just signed her up on this program, but I know that any amount of savings would be a blessing.  Thanks so much for this BLESSING, I will pass it on to all my friends and my mom friends."

from Sherry, Phenix City, AL:

Sherry's Story: "This past year my stepmother died of lung cancer. She did all the house hold duties and my dad had no clue what to do. He had quad-bypass 9 years ago and stroke during surgery. Then last year he had priest. cancer and had to have surgery for that. Four months after step mom died my father had his second stroke. I have NO choice but to quit work and also had to give up my own home in Ga to move in with him. I have been on several meds that when I had to go without I became very ill. I have a wonderful doctor that helps me all she can.

I received your card and even thought I had to change pharmacies and when I picked up rx's, I was paying more that without your card. So, after second time this happened, I called your number and had a great guy that explained how I could go on line and get price that i should be charged and if I wasn't print and take to pharm. I was so glad I did because the difference was unbelievable, especially on 1 rx.  I had to pay $107. before your care, after it was like $28. Thank you so much.  This is first time I have had to be without insurance and it is unbelievable the price of drugs. So thank you again, I really don't know what I would do if hadn't found you....sherrylynn"

from Claire, Goleta, CA:

Claire's Story: "Your prescription discount card amazed me--my prescription (without health insurance, of course) usually cost me $93 per month, but THANKS to your card, I paid only $10! I almost fainted!! WOW! Keep up the great work!!"

from Ron, Burlington, WA:

Ron's Story: "Thank you so very much! You have given me a chance to buy my medications that I need to survive, my day to day with out your help I no not know what I would have done. Keep up the good work."

from Kelli, Bedford, IN:

Kelli's Story: "Dear Susan, I just wanted to write back and thank you for your help. [Kelli wrote to PS Card since she had no computer & no phone.] There needs to be more people like you in this world. Without your time I would have not found out the price of my meds and with the list you provided me I found out that the . . . Pharmacy was charging me the wrong price, they were over pricing until I showed them your print out. So I think people should if they are able they need to know the price of their meds or they may not be charged the right amount and yes you can use me as an example. You may want to mention check the price cause not everybody is honest and I really needed the help on my meds. Without them I have a hard time making it through most days. As for the amount before the card I was paying right at $200 to $210 a month, now I'm paying $93 a month. Thank you again for all your help."

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