PS Card

Never pay retail for your prescriptions again!


Can you imagine walking onto a car lot with $15,000 in cash to buy a new car and being told that since you want to pay cash, the new car will cost you an extra $5,000? Can you imagine going to the movies and learning that since you are unemployed, the movie will cost you $10 rather than the normal $7 for everyone else?

Prescription drugs are a little like that. If you don’t have insurance for prescriptions and want to buy them at a local pharmacy, you will pay much more than the person in line behind you who has insurance.

There are two reasons for this: insurance companies negotiate deep discounts on behalf of their members, and pharmacies charge the uninsured more simply because they can. As unfair as it may be, the uninsured are helping pay the way of the customers who have insurance.

PS Card fixes this and levels the playing field by negotiating deep discounts with local pharmacies and passing the savings on to you—an average of 20% off retail for name brand prescriptions and 55% off retail for generics. We receive a very small referral fee from the pharmacy and pass along 100% of the savings to you.

PS – It’s Free!